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Myat Thandar came into the business in 1992 with specializes in providing satellite communications systems and services to corporations, ISPs, and government agencies operating in remote locations or places with an under-developed communications infrastructure in Myanmar. Our engineers have well over 15 years experience in Satellite Telecommunication field and other Communications region. Myat Thandar has been supporting to our customers for installation & Maintenance, troubleshooting and repairing of Single Channel Per Carrier [ SCPC], Very Small Aperture Terminal [ VSAT ], Digital Carriers Multiplexing Equipment [ DCME ], Point to Point Radio, iPSTAR User Terminal [ Ku-Band/ C-Band] colourful results.

As a result, this collective satellite and communications experience and knowledge, built up through 20 years of work in the telecommunication sector and finding to overseas contract for iPSTAR UT installation/maintenance/repair Centre in Myanmar.

Our ambitious and professional team gathered excellent performance and abilities has been well known to (customers, government as well as non-government). Our Group has re-formulated its corporate strategies to strengthen the growth momentum of the Group and to broaden its position in the value-chain to further improve its performance.

We aim to help people of Myanmar around the country to keep stable and reliable communication channels through satellite and wireless broadband as well as value added applications and services.

Myat Thandar VSAT Operations will be carried out by partnership with Gateway facility owned by KBZ Gateway system. Myat Thandar is nominated as official partner for reselling VSAT and Internet bandwidth through KBZ Gateway.

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Ko Ko Maung <kokomg@mtdcomm.net>

Managing Director

Than Than Oo <thanthanoo@mtdcomm.net>


Thi Thi Swe<thithiswe@mtdcomm.net>


Kyaw Swar<kyawswar@mtdcomm.net>


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